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Welcome to the world of happy occasions. Blue Tulip Caterer is a catering company which has established its name in the area of catering with a successful stamp. we bond with our clients in such a way that our bond becomes unbreakable. our purpose is to cater our clients with the best of the Catering services that is possible. be it design, theme, occasions or the cuisines, we do it all more than our ability with the help of our professionals we make the occasion the happiest day for our clients.

Social Gathering

Corporate Events Catering

Corporate event catering has become our forte as we have executed more than 500 Corporate Events. We Take care of whole corporate event catering services for corporate events include all the catering Equipment’s, Tableware, manpower etc.


Social Events Catering

We live in a society and a society is all About people, we meet people or call them on so many occasions like birthday, house warming, Anniversary, Pooja, Death anniversary and many more. No matter what is the purpose of the event it cannot be successful if there are flaws in the food or in the arrangements.

Corporate Events

Weddings Catering

As wedding is an event which is not only important for the bride and groom but is also very important for their families and even for the people who attend it. The most important element in the whole hospitality of marriage is food and the way it is serve or presented is speculated deeply.

Delicious Food Menu

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We know that many a times vegetarian cuisine is not given that much thought because of the non-vegetarian cuisine and having the same set menu is getting very monotonous, where ever you go you get to hear the same dishes in the vegetarian option which is totally non appealing to the mouth.


Our non-vegetarian platter is huge and lavish. we offer a vast variety form which you can choose the dishes you want to add in your menu it’s all up to you. all of the dishes imbibed in our menu is chosen by a professional chef so we can guarantee that whichever dish you choose it will be top notch our options.

Italian Food

When you think of Italian food the first thing that pops in your mind is pizza but trust us Italian is so much more than just a pizza or a pasta and we ensure to give you a taste of Italy with our delightful Italian cuisine. we have live counters in it, bread counter, and dishes. like bruschetta, cherry tomato skewers,etc.

Chinese Food

Chinese cuisine is so extravagant that you will definitely be confused which dish to mention in your menu and which one to leave after having one look at our list. beautiful dishes will definitely appeal you. our baby corn fritter, tofu stir fry and many more dishes with thousands of soups to choose.